5 Marks of Mission Lent Course 2023

During Lent this year, our church family will be considering the  5 Marks of Mission.

proposed but the Anglican Communion in 1984 the 5 marks: Tell, Teach, Tend, Transform, Treasure  together characterise how rooted we are in the person of Jesus Christ.

The 5 marks of mission stem from the 5 wounds (hands, feet, back, head & side) that were inflicted upon Jesus during his passion and crucifixion.

Jesus us invites us to follow him as ‘the body of Christ’ on earth.   If as churches we are to follow him faithfully, then these 5 marks of mission should be visible.


Course & Films

  • The course booklet was prepared by the Biblical Association for the Church of Ireland in 2018.
  • The 5 films focus on the 5 wounds of Jesus Christ and are narrated by the Bishop of Aston, Anne Hollinghurst.
  • Grateful thanks offered to both parties for this material.   
  • The following are links to the courses, which can be found freely available on the internet.  

Watch the videos on Youtube, by clicking the link