Beginning the ‘Christing’

We are very excited that you would like to explore baptism at one of our churches.   

Baptism is sometimes called ‘Christening’, and this in turn suggests the beginning of a process in the person being baptised: ‘A Christ-ing’ – if you like.   

The intention for baptism is that overtime, they become more and more like the person of Jesus Christ.


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All invited to be God's children

Jesus wants us all to become his brothers and sisters; to be numbered as one of God’s children. 

You are never too old to be baptised. There are some minor differences for adults baptism (reflecting the view that adults have the appropriate capacity to make their own decisions).  Apart from that, the baptism service is the same. take the plunge and get baptised !

Contact the Vicar

In order for plan a baptism service, you need to contact the Vicar as soon as possible.

This is because of the Vicar can make these arrangements, balancing their availability with the multiple parishes the Vicar serves. What this means, is that the Vicar needs to be at your church on the particular Sunday.

Sunday for Christians is the first day of the week, because it marks the day of Jesus’s resurrection from the darkness of the deathly grave, to the light of life led in its fullness. 

As a consequence, baptism is held on Sundays and at the main Sunday service in your church.   

This is because baptism -as a rite of passage- also marks the occasion when the person baptised joins God’s existing family who worship in your church.

Download this form and email it to the Vicar

The Baptism Service

The Baptism service will take place during at the main Sunday church service. This is always a public event, and an occasion of great joy for all.

You can access an Order of Service. These words (or words very similar) have been used for centuries across different churches.

They contain solemn promises which over often go onto a great significance for those who have made their promise of faith to God, through using words like to these.  


There is no financial cost for the baptism.

…donations though, are always welcome